Competitive Shooter – Steel Challenge!!


  • Steel Challenge Package-ALL 8 Stages
    • Accelerator.
    • Pendulum.
    • Five To Go.
    • Roundabout.
    • Showdown.
    • Speed Option.
    • Smoke & Hope.
    • Outer Limits.

Hours of GREAT practice and training for your favorite Steel Challenge

You must already own/or purchase the Smokeless RangeĀ® in order to run this software add-on


Train For Your Upcoming Steel Challenge Match!

Steel Challenge is an exciting and fast-paced shooting sport for all levels of shooters. The Competitive Shooter: Steel Challenge is an add-on to the Smokeless Range that brings this exciting shooting sport right to you in your home or office. Enjoy all eight of the Steel Challenge courses that you will see in the real competition. Turn up the competition with up to 5 shooters and a leader board to see who is the fastest of the bunch.

This takes Steel Challenge training to a new level. Challenge yourself or your friends on speed, accuracy, and transitioning targets. Fun and safe for all skill levels. Use with your own firearm and Sure Strikeā„¢ laser cartridge or take advantage of one of our Recoil Enabled Training Pistols equipped with an IR Sure Strikeā„¢ laser cartridge.Ā  Many options are available! Fun for the whole family

You must already own/purchase the Smokeless RangeĀ® in order to use this software add-on.



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